Planting containers is not for the faint hearted but not to fear - the experts are here!

Planting containers is not for the faint hearted but not to fear - the experts are here!

Planting containers is not for the faint hearted but not to fear - the experts are here!

Everyone at Keane’s Garden Centre knows how important it is to have your home appearing as inviting as possible during these surreal times. The outdoors is the ‘new room’ for everyone this summer after all. 

Keane’s Garden Centre is currently offering an amazing plant potting service. Our most creative and experienced staff members will create stunning window boxes, hanging baskets or pots for your home or business. These are available in plastic, ceramic or clay - totally customised for you. If you have a design, bedding plants or colours in mind, we can make it become a reality!

Do you currently have baskets and planters you adore? Let us plant them for you!


Large fir planters at Keanes Garden Centre

Why choose a window box?

Window boxes, planters and hanging baskets alike are a great way to bring the outdoors in! When peering through your window from the inside, your favourite plants will become part of your view.


 Need to know

  1. Before you dive in you need to ask yourself some questions: Where are you going to place the boxes? Is there much exposure to the elements? Is it sunny?  You know that there are some plants which do well in shady areas too!What time of year is it? How long would you like your plants to bloom? All of these questions will influence the types of plants suitable for your window box.


  1. If you have an accessible location, try planting edible plants such as lettuce, chives or tomatoes. These will need moist soil, and a sprinkle of fertiliser every few weeks to thrive. You will be sure to experience the huge sense of satisfaction that comes from growing your own food.


  1. Window boxes are made in a great deal of materials these days. The most common type is plastic however wood, metal and ceramic can be easily purchased in the likes of Keanes Garden Centre.  Whether you live in an apartment, house or mobile home, there will always be one to suit your style and budget.



  • The most popular bedding plants for window boxes are Nasturtiums, geraniums, dahlia’s and petunias. Impatience will do well in shady areas. Experienced gardeners could attempt to grow a vine or honey suckle to add life to the window frame.


  • Create some drainage by placing a layer of small rocks in the bottom of the pot. Good drainage is a must! Some people like to break up some old polystyrene and use this instead. Anything goes.
  • Fill your window box with some all purpose compost  to within an inch of the top of the box. This can be easily purchased in Keane’s Garden Centre.  Enough potting soil is important for your plants to sit firmly.
  • Add a good splash of water once you have planted your new flowers. This will help them to become better established in their new home.
  • Ask the experts about the potential for fertilizer if your flowers need an extra kick.
  1. Window boxes are not just for the summer! Plenty of flowers can bloom from spring right through to Autumn. In saying this, please do not be fearful at the thought of replacing some dead flowers. 
  1. Sit back and enjoy the view.


 window box planted flowers

If you want to treat a loved one, (or this simply sounds like too much work) please feel free to call in and have a discussion with our qualified and experienced horticulturalists, we can create the perfect outdoor display for your home!  Our doors are open 7 days per week!  9:30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday 11am to 6pm. You can always send us an email at  or phone 091776265 for more information. Why not have a browse at our huge range of plants on




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