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Wide Range of Garden Pots

This is just a small sample of what we have to offer in our store.
If you like what you see online, please come and visit us and walk through our centre.

  • Plastic

    These plant pots are lightweight and can fit in so many places in your home.

  • Terracotta

    Add a touch of class to any garden with terracotta, suitable for indoor and outdoor.

  • Glazed

    Our glazed planters come in a variety of different colours, shapes, styles and sizes.

  • Concrete

    Decorate your home or office with our selection of Thick, weighty, rustic, and earthy concrete pots

  • Fibreclay

    Fiberclay pots are made from lightweight material. Makes larger planters easier to handle.

  • Wooden Containers

    Create a rustic garden feature with our wooden planter for medium to large shrubs and bedding plants.