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Keep Your Lawn Lush

We have everything you need for garden maintenance, lawn edging, grass care and lawn care products to help you achieve a lush, green lawn. Whether it's lawn repair, grass seeds or lawn feed, you'll find it here.

Look after your grass with our range of lawn care products. These are just a small sample of what we have to offer in our store. If you like what you see online, please come and visit us and walk through our centre.

  • Aftercut All in One Lawnfeed, Weed & Mosskiller Westland

    Aftercut All in On Feed Weed & Mosskiller

    Aftercut All In One will help to keep your lawn looking strong and healthy all year round. It kills weeds and moss while also feeding it for a greener, luscious lawn

  • Goulding Extra Strength Feed Hygeia

    Goulding Extra Strength Feed Weed & Mosskiller

    Controlled release nutrients that feeds lawn and kills common weeds and moss for a healthy, greener and moss free Lawn

  • Sulphate Of Iron

    Vitax Sulphate of Iron 1kg

    Reduces the alkalinity of soil, improves the availability of the natural elements and nutrients, essential to the healthy cultivation of plants that thrive in acid conditions.

  • Osmo moss remover 25kg

    Osmo Moss Remover and Feed

    Kills moss within 3 weeks. Moss will brown and wither away. Feeds for 3-4 months.

  • OSMO Pro1

    Osmo Pro-1 Lawn Feed

    Osmo Pro 1 is an organic based slow-release lawn feed that gives a rich green colour, and improves wear tolerance.

  • Resolva Lawn Weedkiller

    Resolva Ready to use Lawn Weedkiller 1ltr RTU

    Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Ready to Use is ideal for effective control of broad leaved weeds specifically on lawns.

  • Dicophar Lawn Weed Killer Liquid Concentrate

    Dicophar Lawn Weed Killer Liquid Concentrate

    Dicophar is specially designed to target weeds without damaging your grass or soil. It kills annual, perennial and broadleaf weeds.