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Wide Range of Hedging Available

This is just a small sample of what we have to offer in our store.
If you like what you see online, please come and visit us and walk through our centre.

  • Common Laurel Hedging

    Common Laurel

    Laurel Hedging is a strong evergreen hedging plant. It is easily shaped and maintained, and an excellent choice for shelter, privacy and screening

  • Portuguese Laurel Hedging

    Portuguese Laurel

    Portuguese Laurel is a beautiful evergreen plant that forms a dense hedge. It is a hardy plant that will grow in most soil types and is also easily maintained

  • Grisellina Hedging


    Griselinia is a dense attractive evergreen hedging plant, excellent for seaside exposure and responds well to trimming to shape.

  • Elaeagnus

    Elaeagnus is a great evergreen hedge for brightening up a shady area, with silvery - looking leaves, that change colour as it matures.

  • Green Beech Hedging

    Green Beech

    is a hardy easy to maintain hedge. It provides a lush green leaf during the summer months and a rich yellow and orange colour during autumn/winter.

  • Privet Hedging


    Privet Hedging is a fast growing, semi-evergreen, frost hardy hedge. They bear white flowers in late spring – early summer; berries succeed the flowers.

  • Whitethorn Hedging


    Whitethorn hedging plants are hardy and persistent. They are ideal as a border due to their fast-growing, dense crown and thorny stems.

  • Hornbeam Hedging


    Hornbeam hedges are an extremely sought after hedging type. It looks great all year round due to its bright colours and is known for its durability and stunning autumnal leaves.

  • Buxus (Box Hedging)


    Box hedging is the ultimate border hedge. It’s slow growing, dense evergreen habit makes it the ideal low border hedge. Perfect for edging paths, driveways, shrub beds etc etc.

  • Red Robin Hedging

    Red Robin

    Red Robin Hedging produces bright red youthful leaves which contrasts beautifully against the dark green more mature foliage. Not recommended if privacy is a high priority.

  • Fuschia Hedging


    Fuschia makes a great deciduous hedge, with its famous, pink & red flowers, which persist long through the Summer. Great coastal hedge, but not suited to cold midland areas.

  • Escallonia Hedging


    Escallonia is a beautiful evergreen hedge with attractive foliage and vibrant flowers. It is tolerant to coastal conditions and known for its ability to attract pollinators