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Healthy and Strong Plants

Choose from our range of plant food and fertilisers to guarantee growth success in your garden. We've got feed for all types of plants, from all-purpose plant food, and slow-release plant food to liquid plant food. Plant food benefits growth by providing your plants with the necessary nutrients to be healthy and strong.

  • Osmo Pro Bloom 10kg

    Osmo Pro Bloom

    Fantastic slow release fertiliser that is suitable for use on flowering trees, flowering shrubs, roses, perennial beds and borders or flower pots as well as many other plants.

  • Osmo Pro Grow 10kg

    Osmo Pro Grow

    Osmo Pro Grow is a fantastic slow release fertiliser that is suitable for use on trees, shrubs, vegetables and many other plants

  • Soil Renew

    Soil Renew

    Soil Renew is a fantastic and easy to use product. It is made from compost that stores the nutrients your plants need.

  • Nature Safe Organic Range

    Excellent lawn feed that naturally suppresses weeds, feeds lawns and enriches soil.

  • Gro Sure

    Gro Sure All Purpose

    All purpose plant food for use all around the garden, including flowers, plants, fruit and veg.

  • Nutri One Liquid Plant Feed

    Nutri One Liquid Plant Feed 1ltr

    The plant food that can be used on all plants. Visible results within a week. Perfect for flowers, fruit trees & shrubs.

  • Big Tom Tomato Feed

    Big Tom Tomato Feed

    Enriched with the essential nutrients for a tastier and bigger yield of tomatoes.