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Wide Range of Trees Instore

This is just a small sample of what we have to offer in our store.
If you like what you see online, please come and visit us and walk through our centre.

  • Apple Tree

    Apple Tree

    Apple trees are easily maintained, and provide your garden or field with beautiful colour and with edible produce.

  • Plum Tree

    Plum Tree

    Plum trees are perfect for orchards, gardens, or as a single specimen tree. They provide delightful fruit.

  • Pear Tree

    Pear Tree

    Pear trees must be planted in well-drained soil in a sheltered position, with plenty of sunlight and supported by a stake.

  • Flowering Hawthorn

    The Flowering Hawthorn is a stunning deciduous tree with vibrant flowers that thrives in the Irish climate and is suitable for most gardens.

  • Mountain Ash

    Mountain Ash

    The Mountain Ash Trees is a very hardy native tree that can tolerate harsh conditions, and is very popular for amenity use.

  • Alder Tree


    The Alder Tree is a deciduous very fast growing native tree that can thrive in wet conditions. They are commonly used for protection from the weather.