As February marches on, we in the gardening community know that it is time to turn our attention to the summer season, more specifically, the summer flower seeds that should be planted in the upcoming weeks. If you’re hoping to fill your garden with summer flowers this year, then why not check out Keanes Garden Centre? If this is your first time hoping to plant some summer flower seeds, then we’re here to help you. Gardening can be confusing, but as Ireland's premium online garden centre, we can offer our top tips to getting a summer garden to bloom. Why not contact us for more information?

When Should you Sow Summer Flower Seeds?

It might seem a little early to be considering planting summer flower seeds, but the gardening world does run to a very specific calendar. When this calendar begins very much depends on the flower and when it usually blooms. As a general rule though sowing summer flower seeds should begin in early spring. To be clear, this is not a hard and fast rule, it varies on each plant and when they fully bloom. Be sure to check the packaging of your summer flower seeds for more of an indication of the ideal sowing time for each type of flower.

How Do I Sow Summer Flower Seeds?

Sowing summer flower seeds is quite straightforward. The main aim is to scatter as many seeds as possible in the area you’ve set aside for them. For the best results you should dig your bed in advance. This gives the soil a chance to settle and give a fresh space for the seeds to settle. You should then cover the freshly dug bed with a plastic shit to suppress any weeds and help warm the soil. Once you are ready to sow your summer flower seeds, uncover the bed and rake the area to remove any weeds and debris. 

Create shallow rows in which to put the summer flowers and water them, to give the seeds the best environment in which to germinate. Then you should thinly scatter your chosen summer flower seeds across the rows before raking it to gently cover the seeds with the soil. Remember to label the area where you’ve sown your summer flower seeds so you know what flower is where. Then recover your bed and allow your garden to begin germination.

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