Would You Like to Purchase Fruit Trees in Galway?

Have you always dreamed of growing your own fruit? If you are, then we at Keanes Garden Centre can offer you exceptional fruit trees in Galway. We know that trees can really change the landscape of a garden and there is nothing more lovely than having a space that is full of fruit trees. No matter what plans you might have for your garden, we’re here to help you create it. From apples to pears and so much more, we have the perfect fruit trees in Galway.

What should you know before buying a fruit tree?

Like all trees, fruit trees in Galway require careful planning for. You should be careful to avoid buying a tree on impulse because they require care and forward planning, to ensure that they grow into beautiful, fruit bearing trees. Once your fruit trees have arrived, it will be in a dormant state and it is important that you plant it as soon as possible to avoid stunting its growth. When choosing where to plant your fruit trees in Galway, it is important to remember that they grow best in sunny, sheltered places with a good quality, well drained soil. Make sure that you have prepared the space in advance so that it is easy for the tree to adjust.

When digging the hole for your fruit trees in Galway, ensure that it is generously sized, ensuring that the roots are not lost in the soil but that it also has space to grow. Remember, roots need oxygen and water to grow, so there is no use burying it deep into the soil. Also remember to hammer the support stake into the ground before planting the tree, to avoid damaging the roots of the tree. This support is important to young trees, who need it to ensure that they grow up straight, which is ideal for their health and your landscaping. 

Once your tree is planted remember to water it thoroughly and ensure that you continue to do this throughout the first year. Combining this with a nutrient supplement or balanced fertiliser will also help to encourage healthy growth. Ensure that any support ties on your tree are checked over time and eventually loosened to allow the tree to properly grow. These supports can be removed after about two years, when the tree will be strong enough to stand on its own. If you make sure that you look after your fruit trees in Galway, and ensure they have all the nutrition that they need, then you’ll be producing fruit in no time.

Want to find out more about fruit trees?

If you’re interested in finding out more about planting fruit trees in Galway, then please do get in touch with us. We would be delighted to help you find the right tree for you. While our store is open in accordance to government guidelines, our online store is also fully equipped, should you feel more comfortable. We even offer next day delivery, no matter where you are in Ireland. If you would like to ask us a question directly then you can contact us by calling us on +353 91 776265 or send us an email at info@keanesgalway.ie.