Looking to Purchase Mature Apple Trees in Galway?

Are you looking for a garden centre selling mature apple trees in Galway? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Keanes Garden Centre, we are a first class garden centre for passionate garden enthusiasts. We stock a wide range of garden items including bedding plants, hedging, trees, shrubs, lawn care, soil care, pottery and garden ornaments.

We cover the West of Ireland and all of our products are great value for money. Our team strives to keep every customer satisfied, so if we haven't got what you’ve come to us for, then we will be able to sort it directly for you and deliver a product tailored to your needs and requirements. Should you be searching for mature apple trees in Galway, then we have got just what you’re looking for. If you want to explore our product collection, head over to our website or get in touch with us today. 

What are Mature Apple Trees?

If you are looking for mature apple trees in Galway, then Keanes Garden Centre can offer you a range of options. A mature apple tree is an older tree which is ideal for growing your own delicious and juicy apples. It has been pruned for at least a couple of years, and so will be in healthy condition when you purchase it. A mature apple tree will provide maturity and character to your garden or outdoor space. 

When given proper, dedicated care, apple trees make an excellent addition to the landscape and provide an abundance of fresh, delicious fruit. They are one of the most common fruit trees in the home garden, but they are also one of the most susceptible to pests and disease. Thus, it is vitally important that you take close care of your mature apple trees in Galway, if you make a purchase with us at Keanes Garden Centre. 

Our Diverse Selection of Products

We sell a wide range of mature apple trees in Galway at Keanes Garden Centre. Our mature apple trees are perfect for good-sized gardens and will be established relatively quickly and will thrive in the right setting. Under good conditions, our mature apple trees will provide you with delightful, gorgeous fruit. If you wish to explore our product line, feel free to head over to our website today. 

In addition to our mature apple trees in Galway, we sell products in a number of different categories including plants, garden care, fruit and veg, tools and hardware, garden furniture and accessories, pottery, seeds and more. Whatever you are looking for, we’re certain that we’ve got the gardening solution you desire, at an affordable price too.

Ways to Reach Us

If you would like to contact us regarding our mature apple trees in Galway, there are a number of ways to do so. To talk with a member of our team, please dial +353 91 776265. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@keanesgalway.ie or call us at (091) 776265. Should you wish to visit us, we’re located at Keanes Garden Centre, Limerick Road, Kilcolgan, Co. Galway.