Want to Sow Organic Vegetable Seeds?

Are you a keen gardener who has been looking for organic vegetable seeds? Welcome to Keanes Garden Centre. Located in Kilcolgan, in the West of Ireland, you won’t need to go anywhere else, because here at our garden centre, we cater to all gardening enthusiasts. We stock a wide range of wonderful gardening items to meet your gardening needs - anything from plants, trees, and hedging to pottery, patio furniture, and outdoor garden furniture is available

We pride ourselves on our affordability and fantastic value, you will find some of the most competitive prices around for our gardening products including our organic vegetable seeds. If we don’t have what you’re specifically looking for, not to worry, just mention it to our team and we will source it directly. Our goal is for all our customers to be leaving our garden centre happy and satisfied that they’ve got what they came for. Why not visit our website to find out more about what we offer?

Welcome to Keanes Garden Centre

Here at Keanes Garden Centre, we stock a large selection of organic vegetable seeds to sow. More than 100 different varieties of organic vegetable seeds are on offer. You may wish to purchase our runner bean seeds; cayenne pepper seeds; cucumber seeds; carrot seeds; tomato seeds; lettuce seeds; dill seeds or something else. Whatever it is you require, we will do our utmost, as a leading garden centre in Ireland, to make sure that it is delivered. 

All of the garden seed items we sell are priced competitively compared to our competitors. Not only this, but each of our seeds are top performing and high in quality. We sell brands such as Mr Fothergills seeds, Country Value and SeedCell, so there is flexibility for you to choose which organic vegetable seeds best suit you and your garden. If you want to look at our seed collection, check out our website to see products, descriptions and images of everything we have in stock. 

Why Buy our Seeds?

If you are looking to grow your own vegetables in your garden or allotment, then we couldn’t recommend our organic vegetable seeds highly enough. These seeds are a simple way and economical means of home-growing vegetables. Every packet of organic vegetable seeds that we sell comes with easy-to-read instructions which detail how to sow and grow vegetables. Also included are tips and tricks for optimum vegetable growth. If you want to experience the best all round horticulture experience, come to Keanes Garden Centre today. 

Contact Keanes Garden Centre

If you would like to enquire about our organic vegetable seeds, then our devoted customer service team can assist you. You can call us directly on 353 91 776265 to speak to a member of staff. If you would like to correspond with us via email, please write to us at info@keanesgalway.ie. Should you wish to give us a visit at our centre, you will find us located in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway. We look forward to being of service to you.