Plant Shop in Galway

When it comes to finding a plant shop in Galway that is renowned for low prices, and is well-stocked with goods which are all first-class in quality, the only name that you need to know is that of Keane's Garden Centre. In case you were previously unaware, we are a team of horticultural specialists that enjoy sharing our passion for all-things plant related with the outside world. Aside from this, over the years we have become home to a first-class customer support team. Is this something that you would like to take further, but need to have some queries addressed first? If so, you can find all of the contact information that you need published on our website - we look forward to hearing from you.

Why Invest in Your Garden

In recent years, more-and-more homeowners have begun to realise that spending money on an aesthetically pleasing garden constitutes a worthwhile investment. Whilst interior decorating remains at the forefront of priorities, this is not to say that your exterior is any less important. During the warmer seasons, this can act as a fantastic venue to host guests - you can relax and bask in the sun, whilst enjoying a cool drink. If this is a similar mindset to that which you have, and subsequently you wish to purchase items from a plant shop in Galway, why not come to us here at Keane's Garden Centre today?

Breaking Down our Products

Should you come to the conclusion that Keane's Garden Centre in Galway is the company which is best-suited to fulfilling your need for a plant shop in Galway, allow us the opportunity to provide you with an overview of some of our best-selling items. For many of our customers, our collection of plant life is what draws the most attention. Whether it is hedging that you wish to install around the perimeter, or want some new shrubbery for decorative purposes, we will leave you totally satisfied. This is far from being our only speciality, however. You can also find some soil care products, as well as luxurious pottery items.

What Are Our Credentials?

The competition for market share is intense, particularly in the world of natural products. In order to gain prominence, here at Keanes Garden Centre we have looked to become recognised for being more than just a simple plant shop in Galway. In order to have made this a reality, we have put in a lot of time and effort to improve our customer service capabilities. The experience that we provide for our customers is one that we have attempted to make as simple as possible. We recognise that if you are unfamiliar with us as a company, you may be slightly cautious before proceeding. In order to put any fears that you may have to rest, we ask that you read through our collection of Google Reviews. We believe that, if anything, these testimonials will instil you with some confidence in our capabilities.