Want to Purchase New Garden Plants?

Have you always thought that your garden looks a little bit tired, and requires some rejuvenation? Are you searching for somewhere that supplies top-quality garden plants, at prices which are reasonable? You will be pleased to hear that Keanes Garden Centre Galway is here to help. In the horticultural world, there are none that can match either our meticulous attention to detail, not the sheer vastness of our collection of products. For those of you that would like to discuss their requirements further with a specialist, we direct you to our website’s contact page.

The importance of home gardens

Although you may not realise it, the benefits associated with having a well-pruned garden are almost limitless. The wildlife present outside of your home are vital, not least because they are a producer of oxygen. Biodiversity, whilst aesthetically pleasing to the eye, also means that you can have your own ecosystem developing in your back garden. Should this have convinced you that purchasing some new garden plants is the most prudent move, the only name that should subsequently come to mind is that of Keanes Garden Centre Galway.

What garden plants and products do we stock?

When you come to Keanes Garden Centre, it is important to recognise that we have a wide array of garden plants to provide you with. Due to the divided nature of personal preference, we believe that it is important to be diverse in the types of products that we have. For example, there are some individuals that would like flowers which brighten up their garden’s aesthetics - for this, we would suggest roses of some kind. Alternatively, should you be trying to find something which stands the test of time, and be there for years to come, look no further than one of many tree varieties that we supply. You can browse through the extensive catalogue of options available by checking out our website’s homepage. Some of the highlights include perennial plants, climbing plants, heather plants and shrubs, tomato plants and a wide of flowering plants.

Why choose Keane's Garden Centre in Galway?

Understandably, it can be relatively difficult to decide on where you wish to buy new garden plants from. A long term investment is something which you want to be sure of before proceeding with. For those of you that have not dealt with us here at Keanes Garden Centre before, a key fact to know is that we are a firm which believes in a transparent and open way of working. The best way in which to demonstrate this is by inviting all prospective clients to take a look through the long list of Keane's Garden Centre Galway reviews that we have amassed over the years. These testimonials are the culmination of hard work and dedication - we believe that they illustrate the lengths that we will go to in order to achieve total satisfaction for our customers. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on (091) 776265 or alternatively email us at info@keanesgalway.ie and our team will be more than happy to answer your queries and assist you with anything you may need.